September 10, 2014

stuffHere’s some more stuff about stuff since people seem to like this the best. You know who has the most stuff? The military and they just leave it lying around when there done with it. You can find stuff in just about any field in the world. The bad thing is that no matter how old it is it can still kill. Even the places where they made the stuff are dangerous such as old gun manufactures. Some of the materials used leave a residue that can leach into the ground and eventually contaminate drinking water. Some chemicals can leach into the air and cause humans to have respiratory problems. The stuff they left during the 1st and 2nd world war still kills people today. So does stuff left from all the other wars. You know most of this stuff could be recycled and used to make something useful. But the governments think it cost too much to do that so they just leave the stuff there and let some poor innocent child get killed by it. The worst stuff we leave behind is the radioactive stuff that won’t go away and makes whole areas unsafe to live in even making something as harmless as a watch dial can have long lingering effects. So why do we keep making stuff? Well to make money and they’ve made us into a culture that always wants the newest or deadliest stuff. So someone came up with the idea to do away with everything and go back to the Stone Age. There’s a problem with that as well. When the first Stone Age came around here were very few humans now there are Billions of humans and no matter what you do there is still going to be a lot of stuff. What kind of stuff you ask? Well how about all the shit and piss we leave. Without the technology to process this stuff the planet will start to stink and we’ll run out of fresh water. Stuff you can’t live with it and you can’t survive without it. this is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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