September 8, 2014

indexSo Jeff was looking at what movies are going to be coming out in the future and couldn’t believe how many remakes of old movies and TV shows were coming. I mean what possessed some movie company to make a movie from the TV show CHIPS or Saved by the Bell. It’s bad enough that there is a 14th or so version of Hercules out there. There enough Batman and superman movies to make three or four TV series. They’ve made so many Star Wars and Star Trek movies that the story line has become secondary to special effects. Look if you’re going to bring back old films let’s bring back Coyote and the Roadrunner or Mighty Mouse. Let’s do Bambi with modern special effects so we watch as his family gets their brains blown out in 3D. Saved by the bell was one of those shows they put on Saturday morning instead of cartoons. So know it deserves a feature movie that will be done without the original cast. Yeah that will make millions. I have nothing against the past but couldn’t we come up with something new. Here’s a novel idea let’s make a movie where the acting is more important than the special effects. Maybe we’ll find another Bogart or Bacall or Boris, Cable or even a De Havilland. That’s it I’m going to read some old comic books. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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