September 5, 2014

what-me-worryYou know I shouldn’t read the news before I decide to write a post. When I do I either get so depressed I end up writing nothing or I go on a rant. Why are our precedents so screwed up? Why do we worry about animals more than people? Why is the slit in a celebrities dress important? Now before all the animal rights people start screaming at me about why worry about animals let me say this. First I’m a cat so that sort of makes me an expert on animals. I’m not saying we shouldn’t worry about animals and their survival in this world. What I’m saying is we should put it in perspective. Here are the things I think we should worry about. Child abuse is one, the missing children are another, and hunger which I think is a much underrated problem the US. There are more the human slave trade, the loss of privacy and the loss of freedom. There are a lot more things we should worry about and try to correct but I guess it’s easier to figure out why your team didn’t win than how to stop human sex trafficking. This is a grumpy Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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