September 2, 2014

t1larg.tall.stockAnybody who has ever flown on a airplane knows there are a lot of thing that can cause delays or interruptions in the flight. There’s weather, security delays, equipment etc.. Well now you can add being obnoxious to the list of causes. With all the talk about airlines giving you more legroom it seems there’s still not enough. Recently several flights have been forced to land unexpectedly because passengers were fighting about, you guess it, legroom. Now Jeff is 6’2” and about 220 pounds he has had his knees crushed on more than one occasion. But he has never gotten out of his seat and threatened anybody. He has tripped a couple of people as they were disembarking the plane. I think the other passengers should be able to sue the one that caused the disruption in the flight for time lost and aggravation. There’s probably something in the ticket that prohibits that. Because you know with all the lawyers out there somebody would have thought of this already. Well Jeff has three plane rides coming up in December when he heads for the US so we’ll see if he’s still as tolerant of assholes as he has been in the past. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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