August 12, 2014

morkYesterday it was announced that the comedian actor Robin Williams had died of apparent suicide. Jeff was very upset by this Mr. Williams had been one of the few people that always made him laugh and was also a great actor. So this morning he was reading memorials to Mr. Williams and he came across one by Jim Norton. In his piece Mr. Norton says a lot of the funniest people are some of the saddest people. This got Jeff to thinking about all the celebrities who have left us to early when it appeared that they had everything to live for. One that comes to mind was a man Named Audie Murphy a veteran of World War II and one of the most decorated soldiers in history. He made a couple of movies but never made it ig and he was never a happy man. Then there were the comedians W C Fields, Richard Pryor, Freddie Prince, and Lenny Bruce. They may not of all committed suicide but their lives were never happy and they fought Alcohol and drug addictions. Then you have music stars Billy Holliday, Janice Joplin, Jim Morrison, Momma Cass Elliot, Ricky Nelson, Gerry Garcia and of Course Elvis. While the rest of sit around and wish for a lot of what these people had they were never happy and most ended their own lives either on purpose or by being so addicted they never knew what happened. Jeff and I both find this to be sad and we wonder if they ever realized the positive effect they had on millions of people. Maybe they did and that proved too much for them. Well Heaven has a great Rock and Roll band and the Comedy hour is probably censured but boy what a show it must be. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin Colombia

One Response to “MORK IS GONE”

  1. valerie said

    I cannot stop thinking about this talented man – so upsetting


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