August 11, 2014

nobody-cares-001-jpegWell here I am did you miss me? Jeff has been busy with his trains, book editing and writing so he hasn’t had time to help me post anything. To be truthful there hasn’t been a lot to talk about except war and corruption. But I did want to write about this: since the first conflict between humans they have left behind to things, discarded weapons and soldiers. It seems fine to force or convince men and women to fight an enemy that might or might not be a real threat. The real problems star after the battles when the soldiers return and are wounded both physically and psychologically. Because the battles are over the governments have no use for men that can no longer fight or have the lost the desire for war. In the modern world the weapons left behind on the battlefields continue to kill and maim for tens of years later. People are still finding munitions from the revolution to our current conflicts. They find after some innocent child or adult picks up or steps on what they think is something harmless and it blows of a limb or kills them. Billions of dollars are used to create weapons and recruit soldiers. But a few million are used to treat the veterans who willing went out there to do their duty for their country whether it was justified or not. They believed they were defending those who couldn’t defend themselves. The world needs a new set of priorities. If it’s necessary to go to war, as I believe World War Two was, then they must take care of those who gave a limb or part of their sanity to do their Governments bidding. Not only that we need to clean the ordinance still lying around, so that children can play without fear. Jeff’s Nieces are always posting articles about this and they contribute money and sometimes time to these causes. Jeff and I live in a country still littered with mines from a fifty year old conflict we can see homeless ex soldiers wondering the streets picking thru garbage or with their hand out. Jeff saw this in the US as well. Now the question is similar to Pink Floyds IS ANYBODY OUT THERE GOING TO CARE? This is Flounder and I care saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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