July 30, 2014

55555555555Well it time to rant a little; there are draughts in western and southwestern United States, Colombia, and China as well as other countries. Not all of this is from El Nino. California’s is from fifteen years of below average rain fall and mismanagement of it resources. The sad truth is that with climate change and population growth the world is running out of fresh water. The solutions are not pleasant first conservation, second stop development in rural areas, third and this is the one that will have everybody screaming control population growth. The first is relatively easy the second a little harder the third a bitch. As you know for years I’ve been saying that when a developer goes before a planning board and want to build he has to tell them about sewage, garbage impact on environment etc. But he isn’t required to tell them where the fresh water is coming from. The town and the water provider estimate the impact on their supply and no matter what they come up with they usually give their approval. Now if I was big into organized crime like the Mafia or the Drug Cartels I would look into taking over the business of supplying water. They would have more influence than if they bought the entire Congress. Because without water we die it supplies are physical needs as well as food and power. People say well we could convert sea water to fresh water. Yes we could but that would either increase or decrease the salt content of our oceans upsetting the delicate balance there and killing of a source of food for most of the world. So what’s the best solution I go with population control it would just help with the water problem it would help with all natural resources. It’s funny when humans think of animal over population they go for neutering but when you talk about over population of humans they want to destroy the planet. Well this has made me depressed so I’m going to take a nap this is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


  1. valerie said

    makes me depressed too


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