July 21, 2014

eeeeeeeeeeeAh Monday morning what say we take a look at the news this morning that’s usually good for a laugh? First up we have the swearing in of the new President in Colombia as well as new members of the legislator. One thing stood out and that’s President Santos could put an insomniac to sleep with his speeches what ever happened to taking some public a courses when you in school. Here’s something else Shakira has a 100 million followers on Facebook. I guess those hips of hers must talk some really sexy shit. You know, if it was a Nobel Prize winner they might not even have a Facebook page. Here’s one of my favorites in order to punish the Russian President it has been o to take away his hosting of the next World Cup. Oh yeah that will hurt the cost of building the sites for the games can now be used to buy gun and ammo which he like better than Futbol anyway. Oh and here’s one last thing Medellin beat Nacional for the second time this year. Well that’s it this Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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