July 18, 2014

10259884_10203539987124835_781715931543537504_nWell one of Jeff’s respected friend tried to read his latest book Death Comes Home and she found it too difficult to read because of missed capitalization and punctuation. So it back to the editing process and a rewrite Jeff says he needs a new editor but he’s got no money so this might take awhile. Jeff is happy to have one friend at least who would take the time to tell him the truth. But that was yesterday and today is another day, this does mean a delay in the publication of A Child is Gone. He wants to get Death fixe up before he completes this one. He wishes the next time he offers one of his books for free other people would take the time to read it and tell him what they think. At least this friend liked the story so there is hope the problem can be worked out soon. Tomorrow is Jeff’s grandson’s birthday party although today is his actual birthday. He’s a great kid very intelligent and is always making Jeff smile. Jeff say’s if he gets any good photos he’ll put them up so you can see what a great grandson he has. Well I have to get ready to party gets here from school, so this is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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