July 17, 2014

Lowe-kids-recoveredSince Jeff has been writing a book about a missing kid I thought I’d ask you guys what the hell is wrong with people? Kids go missing everyday some are found in minutes some are never found. Who takes a kid is it a pedophile or a parent or is it some government conspiracy to steel gifted kids? I don’t know pedophiles are sick disgusting people that should be executed not rehabbed. They are probably the third worst of the bunch no 2 is parents. You don’t love each other anymore so you decide to use the kids to hurt one another. Now I know sometimes parental kidnapping is done in the belief that it’s in the child interest. But most of the time it’s because one parent doesn’t want to pay child support or another parent wants to hurt the other by depriving them of the ability to see their kids. I mean using kids in a custody battle is just making a generation of really emotionally disturbed people and we have enough of them now thank you very much. So what does that leave us with the crazy theory that governments are kidnapping kids because they have some mystical power? Well the governments of the world have been trying to find people with extraordinary mental powers since World War 2 I think could be longer. Now if this is true this makes government the worst of the lot. Because they not only deprive parents of being able to watch their children grow up they deprive the kids of their childhood for what usually results in nothing. I don’t understand anything but I have seen parents so wrapped up in themselves that they have idea their child just walked out of the store. In today’s world parents work and Nanny’s , babysitters and daycare are watching their kids sorry to inform you but that removes nurturing from a child’s growth maybe that’s why they do drugs and shoot up school. I do know one thing it make s them prime for running away or being taken. Well I could go on all day but I won’t this is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin. Colombia.

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