July 16, 2014

stuffPeople love it when I write about stuff, I guess because they think it’s not politics or some other rant of Jeff’s. Webster defines stuff a couple of ways first it’s a noun meaning material, supplies or equipment. Second it’s a group or pile of things that are not specifically defined. Now most of Jeff’s rants fit in the second category along with what’s in our closets, cellars, and garages. Stuff is fun to talk about because we all have stuff probably too much stuff. Your pets have stuff wild animals have stuff everybody has stuff. When you think about it stuff has stuff pretty cool huh. Now you know from my other posts concerning stuff that the problem is we don’t know what to do with the stuff when we don’t want it anymore. One thing we do is give it to poor people that’s a good thing but what do they do when there done with all the stuff. They throw it out and it end up where all stuff ends up eventually the dump or the recycling plant either way it ends up making more stuff and we start all over again with more stuff. Even this blog is stuff and I can stay here all day and keep writing stuff about stuff but this is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


  1. Valerie said

    well this did not help me clear out all the unnecessary stuff in my head


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