July 14, 2014

xOver the weekend a friend, who I had met on Facebook and with whom I share a lot of common interests, received a phone that no one should ever get. His 28 year old son was shot to death at a bus stop in Chicago. There has been no one arrested as of yet and no motive other than mistaken identity. I have often wondered why these things happen but I’ve never been able to come up a reason. I expect the wackos to say he should have been carrying a gun since concealed carry permits are east to get in Chicago. Yeah like maybe if had a gun they could of got into a shootout on the street and more people might have been shot. I’m not against people owning guns but carrying them around cities I’m not in favor of. People go to ranges and learn gun safety and then walk around and they know how to handle a gun in a bad situation. Well until you’ve been shot at or had a gun pointed at you have no idea how you’d react. I’ve seen firsthand how trained police officers can panic in a shoots fired situation I also know what it’s like to be shot at and have a gun shoved in your face. You don’t just calmly take aim and shoot the other person. A famous instance took place In New York a few years ago when police detectives tried to question a man as he entered a hall way. The man made a mistake of reaching for his wallet one of the policemen yelled gun and after sixty yes sixty shots had been fired a unarmed man lay dead in the hallway having been shot only once. The point of this post isn’t about the use of firearms by police it’s about the gun manufacturers having to take some responsibility for some of these weapons getting into the hands of bad people. I think deeper background checks greater security at the manufacturing point and the ability to track weapons to purchaser. I also think the gun manufacturers and dealers should dedicate some of their enormous incomes to stopping illegal sales and should lobby for much stiffer penalties for illegal gun sales. Do I think any of this will stop all the violence? No I don’t but if one family doesn’t have to get that midnight phone call about their child it will be worth it. This is Flounder saying Ciao form Medellin, Colombia.

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