July 11, 2014

9So since I can’t find anything I want to really bitch about in the news lets revert to an old standby the question why. Why is if you believe part of something but not the complete thing you get criticized from both sides. Such as Jeff’s belief that people should have the right to own guns and hunt if that’s what they want to do but he doesn’t agree that people need thirty round magazines or semi automatic rifles and shot guns to do this. Now I could go on and on with this one topic but I think you understand. How about the PETA person you know the animal right s people that don’t want you to eat meat but ware leather shoes and belts. They tell you to eat vegetables but when you tell them that it’s been proven plants feel thing you told it’s different. How about you believe in superior being but you refuse to call them a god and think all religions are hypocritical. How about that girl you’ve known since she was sixteen and is now sixty two and you say she didn’t age well you can’t remember her as a youth? Why is if you don’t actually believe something and other people do that you consider them nut jobs? As Jeff has gotten older he tries hard not to get in arguments with certain people because he realizes it’s a waste of time and energy. He instead tries to find other things of interest to discuss and if he can’t well he just stops dealing with those people because they are to closed up to experience anything new. This is common amongst older folk’s maybe that’s why we can’t change anything in politics. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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