July 10, 2014

stuffOk here’s some stuff you remember stuff well this time it’s about stuff people write about in the news. First up it’s a scientific fact that cows fart more methane gas into the air then any human or animal. Now you see this is interesting stuff because I would have bet the house it was going to be Elephants. Just goes to show you I don’t know everything about stuff. Next up we have Philippine priests telling Catholic doctors not to issue birth control. This is a nation where there is poverty everywhere; I think they’re afraid the Muslim population is getting to big and there trying to catch up. Crazy stuff right can’t feed the people you have nut lets go and make more. Next Rooster fertility problem hit us and chicken prices to rise. Well maybe if they got the chickens some nice lingerie and played some nice romantic music something besides the prices would go up. This stuff just keeps getting crazier. The ACLU just came out against a law designed to protect LGBT I thought ACLU stood for American Civil Liberties Union so what’s going on. See what I tell you there’s all kinds of stuff out there and nobody knows what to do with it me I’m going to sleep on it. This is Flounder saying Ciao from Medellin, Colombia.

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