July 7, 2014

national_pride_month_by_ataela-d6bg1lgMonday Monday here’s Monday so I looked over the weekend to see if there was anything worth posting and came up with this. On Sunday the Colombian futbol team was honored on their return from the World cup. There were at least a million probably more people lining the route from the airport to the park where they were to be honored. The rest of the world should take a serious look at this. Colombia didn’t finish in the money as they say, yet over a million people lined the streets to show their appreciation. You won’t see this in America if you lose a playoff game, you won’t get a parade, and you’ll just get a lot of negative press. Latin America celebrates the fact that their teams tried their best but it just didn’t work out. No one threw the US team a parade all I saw was one of the players who didn’t get picked bad mouthing the coach. I think there is something good about celebrating a team that didn’t win or an athlete that came in 4th especially if you’re from a small not wealthy country. It makes more athletes want to play for their country and to excel. Well that’s all I got for a Monday this is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin,Colombia.


  1. Valerie said

    Wasn’t Columbia the place they murdered one of their star soccer players because they felt he lost an important game going back maybe 15 years ago?


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