July 5, 2014

neymar-injuredI don’t usually write posts on the weekend but I was reading the sports and saw where FIFA was going to investigate how Neymar’s injury happened. Well I saw it on TV and it wasn’t deliberate or anything but I will tell you this if he had any back injury at all it had to aggravated by the way they handled him in removing him from the field. He was not so gently placed in this basket thing they use for stretchers and then you could see him being bounced as they carried him off the field. I don’t see that any punishment is necessary for the Colombia player that hit him maybe they should punish the medical people. What they should do is find out why the referee allowed the game to become so rough and why there weren’t at least 4 or 5 more yellow cards on both teams. This wasn’t the first game I saw a referee’s attitude affect the game in some cases as in the Japanese ref who was never seen in the cup again made outrageously bad calls in the very first game. Most of what I saw were, no calls letting infractions go and thus creating an atmosphere where something like Suarez biting a player was to be expected. Anyhow I’m sorry Naymar is out I hope he fully recovers and is back playing for Barcelona soon. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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