July 3, 2014

imagesHere’s a question what is it about sports that makes people into drunken animals? Why do people always want to drink booze and get drunk during major sporting events? I know not everybody does but I think we’ve all seen news stories about rioting after a team has triumphed in some major championship. The question remains why how is tearing up some body’s lawn or setting fire to their car a celebration of an athletic championship. Tomorrow Colombia plays Brazil in the world cup and because of previous problems booze sales will either be stopped or limited in most of the major cities down here. The president gave everybody the afternoon off to watch the game, like they were really going to do work. Unfortunately there is a serious problem with booze in Colombia and really people don’t need an excuse to get drunk and do crazy shit. But when you throw in a World Cup soccer game against one of the top teams in the tournament you’re just giving people some legitimacy to go out and get drunk. Well here’s hoping that nobody’s property is damaged or life taken away. I wish there was away to test for common since and if you don’t have it you’re not allowed to do certain things like drink booze this is Flounder look for his ear plugs saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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