July 2, 2014

indexFirst up today is the US which lost its game in The World Cup knock out round so there done. There Goalie set a record for saves and they had the youngest player ever to play in a World cup game. The rest of the team didn’t look that great but they tried and almost pulled it off, now for the main part of the post. Have you noticed the date it’s July second and stores and companies are advertising back to school items already. Down here the kids went back to school today and don’t get another vacation till the end of November. Now you right after the fourth you’ll see adds for Christmas in July sales then august Halloween and then instead of back to school sales in September it’s will be Christmas adds. All the stores will run sales and then complain that the traditional sales period, Black Friday to Christmas, was horrible. Down here by Dec. 7 most stores are all ready running out of Christmas stuff and they don’t order more. So I guess me question concerning this is what’s the Dam Hurry. Are you that anxious to be a year older? It seems like everybody needs something to distract then or add stress to their lives. Why not just go back to the way things were during the Holidays that seemed to be stressful enough why make the season longer. I don’t have any answers for any of this so I’m going back to bed. This Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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