June 30, 2014

vWell folks it’s Monday and the US Supreme Court in its infinite wisdom has once again taken the side of big business and the fanatical religious right. It said that the company Hobby Lobby didn’t have to go along with the health care act and supple contraceptives because of their religious beliefs. So because they believe in some archaic principle they get to apply it to those who chose to work for them. Next they won’t want to give maternity leave and I’m sure unmarried pregnant women will be next to feel the company’s wrath towards non believer. One thing about Jeff that I will tell you is can’t stand it when someone tell him he has to believe something he read the article about the decision this morning and has been throwing darts at his dart board ever sense and believe me you don’t want to bother him when he’s doing that. We both don’t understand how a country that was founded because people didn’t want to be told what to believe in is now being challenged by people who want to do exactly that. Sometimes we’re glad that we don’t live up there anymore but that passes soon. We believe one day the fanatics will force the country into war against non believers, sound familiar. Once again this is an example that the people in charge are too old and to out of touch. Well this is Flounder and it is Monday saying CIAO form Medellin, Colombia.

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