June 27, 2014

indexI was perusing the news headlines for something to write about today and I found a story about an American “Journalist” by the name Ann Coulter. It claimed that Americans showing an interest in soccer was a sign of moral decay. Now I don’t know what her plan in life is if she really thinks this way or is just a little wacky. She’s very well educated having graduated from Cornel and the university of Michigan law school so she can’t claim stupidity for her remarks. So what is her problem she didn’t get a enough attention as a child and now she figures if she says some really outrageous things she’ll get that attention. Well I do know that there are enough oh I don’t know whack jobs out there that will go along with her to keep her in the media. But I wonder sometimes when we let people like this have a certain degree of respectability if we’re not playing right into their hands. From her full comment it appears that she blames this decadent state of affairs on Kennedy for letting immigrants into the country. You know one thing I’m sure of is that everybody needs everybody else in order to survive. There have always been people who preached extreme nationalism and if they had their way in WW II we might be speaking German right now. It a sad state when there are actually people out there that will believe Ann and it’s even sadder to believe she believes what she’s saying is the truth. This is a bewildered Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

One Response to “IS SHE FOR REAL”

  1. Valerie said

    she is sickening I cannot stand to look at her let alone listen or read about anything she has to say


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