June 26, 2014

ih-youthEverybody seems to like the post about term limits for the old people in Congress and the Senate but today I would like to write about how they only pay lip service to the youth of America. When I was 21 my father died and my mom needed to get a job so some friends of hers helped get her a civil service job in city hall. So in order to help her keep her job I had to register as a Democrat and make sure I voted that way in every election. Believe me when I tell you they knew which way I voted but that’s for another blog. They also sort of hinted it would be in my mother’s interest if I ran for Democratic County Committee Man which of course I did. There was a big push to involve the youth in the party it was left over from Kennedy. So I got elected and went to my first meeting and immediately saw that really didn’t want us involved in decisions about anything except where the next meeting was going to be and to make sure we were there. After two terms as committee man I moved out of the county and was so disillusioned with the political process that I didn’t vote for over twenty years. So when I say I have no use for politicians you can understand why. I wasn’t the only one this kind of treatment brought about the Hippies and protests about the war because the youth of America realized that the people they helped elect didn’t care about what they wanted. This was all started in 1967 and nothing has changed to this day. This isn’t just an American problem this is everywhere in the world. They use young people to fight wars but they don’t want to listen to them. Now I know there are some young people out there saying it’s not true my mayor listened to us kids. Are you sure maybe he seemed to listen to you because what you wanted was in his interest too? Well all I can say is don’t give up; maybe someday your voices will be heard and acted upon. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin Colombia.

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