June 17, 2014

weToday I thought I’d talk about Halls of Fame there’s one for just about everything but we’ll stick to rock and roll and baseball for today. I know there’s an always controversial selection every time nominations are made. Let’s look at the Rock and Roll hall of fame, they but Bruce Springsteen in first without the E street band it took a few years for the band to get in and Bruce is nothing without that band. Chubby Checker isn’t in and he started a dance graze and was the first person to have the same song no 1 in two different years. How about La Bamba and the hubcaps, and for that matter all the great backup bands, and all the great music of the fifties and sixties where are they? And as far as baseball goes where’s one of the greatest hitters of all time Pete Rose and don’t give me that he gambled on baseball so did Babe Ruth and a hundred other guys and yes they to bet on there on teams. How can a bat or glove of a player get in and not the player, because some newspaper or TV sports guy who never played that sport doesn’t think he deserves to be. If you took a real objective look at any hall of fame you would find people who don’t deserve to be in and people that do belong. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia

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