June 6, 2014

dday_fbShareToday is the seventieth anniversary of the Longest Day June 6, 1944, better remembered as D-DAY. On this day the world began its biggest battle against a common enemy Adolph Hitler. There were others on his side Italy and Japan but Italy soon joined the allies in their desire to free the world of Hitler. Old Adolph has been referred to as the Anti Christ but I prefer to think of him as one crazy sun of a bitch. He might have succeeded in his quest for world domination if his ego and insanity had caused him to make tactical errors in military decisions. But this day showed what could be accomplished when the world got together against a common enemy. The world has many common enemies today the biggest two being overpopulation and Global warming both of which affect the whole planet but because of greed and its accompanying desire to be the ones sin charge they can’t produce the same unity as they showed in 1944. Maybe we need an Alien invasion like Orson Wells War of the Worlds to bring us together. I would hope it would be looking back and remembering the thousands of lives lost so that we could be the idiots we are today. This is a very Humble Flounder saying Thank You to all those who died so that we may experience the freedom we have today and it is my hope that we try to make sure that they didn’t die in vain CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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