June 4, 2014

indexWhen you go to the store are you aware of the ways you’ve been influenced in your choices? Most people aren’t or at least think they aren’t. Jeff wrote papers in college on advertising but most people think of it as ads on TV or billboards. When you go to the store and you buy something on sale you’re probably not getting the deal you think you are. As an example Jeff was in the super market on Sunday and they wanted to buy some Oatmeal Ruby picked up the usual brand and it was 3 for 10,000 pesos. She said this is a good deal but Jeff said look at the size they’re smaller than what we usually get and combined they don’t weigh as much as the package we always get. So in reality we were paying more for less even though we were getting 3 packages. This is one very common way of getting you to spend more money. Another is to advertise 50% off of list price. Well nobody sells anything at full list price so unless you know what the store sells the product for everyday you have no idea if you’re getting a great deal or not, the odds say you’re not. The odd say you’re paying more than you did the last time you bought the product. Now what makes things like this possible is that most shoppers don’t have the time to check prices and are just glad the item isn’t out of stock. But if you do watch your money you’ll notice that from week to week you grocery bill will fluctuate and you’ll think your saving money when you’re not. The same situations apply to clothes and other items even cars and other large ticket items. So take your time don’t rush and you will end up saving money. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


  1. Valerie said

    having been burnt many times with sales ha ha – I now pay more attn.


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