June 2, 2014

social-media-history1Well Jeff is finally feeling better after about with the old common cold so here we go beginning the month of June. I thought we’d look at history everybody knows what history is it just happened a second ago. Everybody collects something from history some people do it for a living others do it and don’t even know that’s what they’re doing. A little kid at the beach picks up a shell, that’s collecting history because it was once alive. Children are always collecting history sometime it looks like dirt but it wasn’t always there so it’s history. Scientists collect bones and soil so they can try to figure out what live or grew here years ago. You save pictures of meaningful events in your life you call them fond memories I call it history. Soldiers carry scars of wounds they received in battle they call them night mares I call it history. We may call it a lot of different things but it’s still just history to me. News people and writers would have you believe that only things that are major events in the world should be referred to as history. Not so say I: If you’re a mother and don’t think of the birth of your child as a historical event in your life than I feel sorry for you. Graduating high school or college or getting that job you wanted these are historical events in your life not just simple memories. So when you out tomorrow pick up a pebble and put it in your pocket and then you can say you’ve got a piece of history in your pocket. This Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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