May 7, 2014

h_00011045Well it looks like the US government and the CIA are back up to their old tricks of leaving people out in the cold. The first one that Jeff knows about has to do with Cuba we supported Castro when he was in the jungles fighting. But when he came out and threw out the Mafia and started looking for financial help to build a government the US hemmed and hawed until he went to the Russians and Chinese and then said they were betrayed, now there like the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s yelling and blaming each other for the feud. The next big abandonment was the Mujahedeen in Afghanistan after they had gotten Russia out of the country The Us decided that was all they wanted now they could go back to riding camels and growing dope. Unfortunately one of the people they pissed off was a fellow named Ben Ladin and he kinda took it personally. Now we have a group of specially trained Afghans trained and armed by the CIA and were going to cut them loose. This is just one of those really well thought out diplomatic plans that the US is becoming known for. There are still hundreds maybe thousands of people that fought next to American soldiers in Viet Nam that have been persecuted for their assistance to a unthankful government. Well this is Flounder and I’m pissed today So CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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