May 6, 2014

rSo this morning Jeff had a doctor’s appointment for a physical and he was also going to get an emergency appointment for his toothache as well as pick his medicine for the month. The whole thing took three hours including the dentist which tuned into a root canal. Oh almost forgot he got a flu shoot too. Now here’s the part you guys in the US are going to hate the whole day cost him $3.33 yup that’s all his insurance costs $52.00 a month. Kind of makes you want to move doesn’t it. He still has to have a permanent grown done and he has to see a specialist about some possible blockage in his arteries but still $3.33 not to shabby. People tell him he’s lucky for most Colombians it takes a lot longer to get appointments but Jeff was always lucky that way even in the US. Well nothing else to talk about right now so this is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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