May 5, 2014

cinco-de-mayo-pilot-petesEvery year I write about this day called Cinco De Mayo it’s the Latin version of St Patrick’s day where everybody pretend to be Hispanic and drinks too much and eats a lot of hot food. You don’t see this day celebrated the same way down in Mexico I think there holiday is tomorrow or the next day. This is a liquor company holiday designed to sell lots of Tequila. It’s amazing how companies can distort holidays for their own purposes. From my experience most people don’t need a holiday to go out and drink the holiday is just an excuse to drink to much and act like an asshole. Jeff is an alcoholic and he will tell you he stayed out of bars on days like today because it took too long to get a drink with all the amateurs around. Well we don’t have that problem down people use the sun coming up as a n excuse to drink. Well that’s it Happy Cinco De Mayo be safe this is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia

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