May 2, 2014

stuffI really don’t have atopic to blog about today so we’re just going to talk about stuff. How much stuff do you have? You need to clean out your closet and throw some stuff out or give it away. Why? So you can go out and buy more stuff. If you don’t then the companies won’t be able to sell stuff and if they can’t sell stuff they’ll have to fire you. Now you won’t have money to buy any new stuff but don’t worry there won’t be any new stuff. So you decide to sell your stuff but there’s a problem. All the business’s shut down because nobody was buying new stuff so nobody has any money to buy your stuff. So you go and rob your neighbor’s stuff and he robs his neighbors stuff etc. etc.. Now business’s start to steal from everybody and then the country decides to steal from other countries and they get pissed and steal everything back. Then somebody decides to Nuke the other country so they can keep their stuff and the other country decides to do the same thing. After awhile they come up with bombs that kill the people but don’t hurt the stuff and this goes on for awhile and then eventually there’s nothing left but stuff. This is Flounder and I have enough stuff saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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