May 1, 2014

bob markley_dont worry be happy_LAYERS copyI’ve probably done a post on this sometime in the past but I don’t care. It’s been said that Colombians are some of the happiest people in the world. I’ve found that hard to believe since they work six to seven days a week and long hours but then I took a bigger look. They average a holiday about once every 17 days, now that’s an average that includes unpaid time off around the holidays. Sometimes as much as 6 to 8 weeks, due to what is referred to as the end of their contract period. When they get a three day holiday which is rare for the average person they leave town and head to the country much like we head for the beach. The only people that don’t are some store owners who continue to work they have to pay rent and possibly protection money so they must work or they plan to go on vacation at a different time. What would happen in America if this attitude prevailed there? Hard to say compared to other countries Americans are considered lazy. I’ve seen this when in retail locations in the US the Hispanics are doing more of the work while other American workers look on with distain. Now this will undoubtedly piss off a lot of Americans who work and struggle to make a living. But the next time you’re in a Wal Mart located in a urban area take a real look and see whose working and whose hanging behind a clothes rack. This is a happy Flounder saying CIAO from a happy Medellin, Colombia

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