April 16, 2014

1I’ve been listening to a lot of classic rock with Jeff lately and reading about this great band or that getting back together again but one stands out for its desire not to get back together. Led Zeppelin I’m sure you’ve heard of them they are considered one of if not the most successful Rock and Roll band ever. There reason for not getting back together again seems to me to be the ego of Robert Plant the rest of the band is willing but he’s not and I think not knowing the legal stuff that page and the rest give too much credit to him. I mean he can’t say he hates the music he plays it in concert with other bands such as Band of Joy. So what’s the problem well in Led Zeppelin it just Led Zeppelin in Band of Joy it’s Robert Plant and Band of Joy. I think he resents the fact that Jimmy Page started the group and not him. Nobody goes around and says gee I’d love to Robert Plant and the group play they say they’d love to see Led Zeppelin play. I’ve also heard Plants voice recently and unlike Roger Daltry his voice is not the same. So I think he’s afraid of being embarrassed by it if he went on tour with Zep. He can claim all he wants that he hates Stairway to Heaven and that’s probably because he has to share credit for it with Jimmy Page. I’ve see all the great egos in rock and I think his the worse. When you think they could go out and play 25 shows at the biggest venues in the world and make enough money to buy their own country its jus t stupid. Well this is Flounder, and I still love the Zep, saying CIAO from Medellin.

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