April 14, 2014

indexJeff has been posting pictures of the most infamous riots in the US on Facebook Newark, Watts, and Kent state. Some of these were over the war in Viet Nam others were about race. While he was involved in this I decided to look at what happened after ward and what I found for the most part was that the motive might get results it usually doesn’t help the area where the riot took place. Newark might have been one of several riots to bring the inequality of the races into the political arena but the city itself was sent into recession that it is still trying to recover from. The same goes for the surrounding areas. Kent state suffered for a stigma for a few years but because most of the people involved were transient life has returned to normal after more than 40 years. Riots in Colombia by poor agricultural workers haven’t accomplished exactly what they wanted and probably never will. In neighboring Venezuela riots are being conducted by students and farmers but if they succeed, they aren’t the one s who will benefit it will be the aristocrats that do. I understand the desire to strike or protest to bring your problem to the forefront seeking some solace but as a rule they don’t accomplish their intended goal. Look at the hippie peace protesters and where they are now they didn’t accomplish peace that was accomplished by force of economics. In other words the war got too expensive. As for the majority of the hippies they sold out and went to work for corporate America and threw away their tie died t-shirts and but on Brooks brothers suits. I’m not saying people should not protest just be aware that the results won’t be quite what you expected. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin.

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