April 10, 2014

Poster2Jeff has started a new book or should I say he’s trying to start a new book. He had a title Children Gone but now he rethinking it which means he’s playing a lot of spider solitaire on the computer and chatting on Facebook in other words nothing getting done. He knows the cover although he has yet to go and take the photos for it. He has sold six paperback copies of his last book the cover of which you can see above. His main Character suffered a major loss in High School got his revenge went on to graduate then went into the Army where they made him a ranger then a Long range reconnaissance patrol (LRRP) he was also a world class sniper. He found that he enjoyed killing to the extent that he called himself a serial killer, and he was. He enjoyed watching so called untouchable people die slow and painfully. But now he’s out of the service tried police work that didn’t help. Went to college where he discovered an aptitude for writing computer programs as well as hacking systems. He graduates with masters in two subjects Computer science and Criminology. He decides to open a private eye/cyber security agency. He survives attacks from CIA drug dealer’s meets new and old friends and now we don’t know. I’ve seen Jeff like this before and once he gets the title done he’ll become a writing fiend but till then I’ve got to put up with the electronic sounds of cards being dealt as a new game of Spider Solitaire begins. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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