April 9, 2014

n4303Today we’ll review the Tarzan aeries by Edgar Rice Burroughs. I grew up with Tarzan in the movies played by Johnny Weissmuller and I read the comic books and some of the novels I preferred is western series to Tarzan but that’s for another review. My big problem with the series as a whole is it’s repetitive and boring. I mean once you’ve gone through the first few stories you began to wonder if he just started writing for the big bucks or his publisher kept demanding more because I mean it the books start to look like they were written by a lazy person who just changed a name or two and handed it back in. You see this is why I don’t think people should write reviews a simple liked it or didn’t like it would do. But because people want reviews I feel compelled to write one and thus critique one of the most famous authors of all time. He wrote westerns, sci-fi, and many others but I guess he’s best known for Tarzan and maybe that’s why he got lazy it was a cash cow for him. Well I’ve probably pissed off the whole literary public now so I’ll say this is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin

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