April 4, 2014

relationshipsToday I want to talk about relationships, now before you think this is going to a Dr Phil post forget it I don’t pretend to be an expert; after all I’m a cat. I’m going to let Jeff take over for awhile but I’ll be back before we go. I no expert either but I have had my share of broken heart relationships. When I broke somebody else heart I never felt like I did something bad I just knew that I couldn’t give this person what they were looking for so I left. Maybe I could have done some of it differently or nicer and I tried but sometimes the only way to close the relationship was to mean. I never felt good about that and it would bother me my friends would get mad but they weren’t answering the phone a 2am. When I would get my heart broken, or thought it was broken, I would go into deep depression asking God why me. After awhile I would realize it was over and there was nothing I could do. After awhile the depression wasn’t going away and I noticed that I kept making the same mistakes in picking a partner over and over again. Well I talked to my friends most of whom were smarter than me and I entered therapy. That didn’t work out to well it was group and I noticed everybody had been there for years and was still talking about the same problem. I was looking for help and it wasn’t going to come here so I left. I was fine for a few years dealing mostly n one night stands and not letting myself get involved. Then I met my first wife and if you want to talk about making mistakes. At one point before I married her we broke up and I was so screwed up I wanted to kill myself. I went so far as to seal all the windows and doors and was ready to turn on the gas when the cat I had at the time Keith jumped up on my lap and stared cry and for some reason I could do it. I called a friend to come sit with me and he came right over. I thought the depression was gone but I was wrong even though I had quit drinking, thinking that would solve the problem, of course I was wrong. I asked around and was given some phone numbers to call and found a therapist that I could afford and it was the best phone call I ever made. I didn’t feel different but everybody who knew me said there was a big change. I wasn’t done making mistakes, I married that women and that could of ended worse but it turned out OK. I was Ok I got on with my life had a couple of small setbacks but I was able to handle them without the depression and eventually met Ruby and couldn’t be happier. I guess what I’m trying to say is that don’t be proud look around find some help it might not work the first time but it will. You might feel like your life is over now but trust me it’s not maybe you’ll find out your not the marring kind or you need to get away from some people whatever you’ll be OK with a little help from a PRO. I said PRO because friends have a tendency to take your side and that’s not always a good thing. OK Jeff I think you have gone on long enough hope what you said will help somebody but human relations are the most complicated thing in the world. This is Flounder and I’m happy and proud to be friends with Jeff so now it’s time to say CIAO from Medellin.

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