March 26, 2014


casanare4Well I’ve got a post today to show you how short sighted and stupid humans can be. If you look at the photos above you’ll see the effects of drought on California and parts of Colombia. These just didn’t happen overnight and now they’ve reached levels that will take years to repair. That is of course if they can be repaired. In California whatever they do will probably affect the Grand Canyon as well as neighboring states water levels for years to come. My question what were they doing before this and the answer is don’t worry it’ll rain soon or we’ll find more water soon. It’s one of the things I’ve talked about in blogs in the past you can’t just worry about where your waste water goes you have to worry about drinking water you build and build and people water their lawns and wash their cars and they feel that they are entitled to this and you can’t just come in and tell them hay stop that. How many times have you driven by a golf course office building in the rain and seen the automatic sprinklers on at the same time or in the case of the building the sprinkler is aimed at the street? Water is not the only thing we’re going to start running out of soon if we’re not careful. I’m tired o f trying to get you humans to understand you can’t keep screwing with Mother Nature and expect to survive. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin.

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