March 25, 2014

1984firstOk so I didn’t write a blog yesterday well it was a holiday in Colombia and I took advantage of it. But today I decided to review a classic that I’m sure younger readers of this blog have not read. I say that because before we left to move down here Jeff had tried to find a copy in the local library and was only able to locate a very old paper back version that they were going to remove permanently from the shelves of the library. The book in question is George Orwell’s 1984 which, was originally published in 1949 with the cover that I have above. I believe this is a great example of how forward thinking fiction writers are. If you read this book (and I think you should) you will see a great many things which are happening now in our society. I must warn unless the newer editions have updated the language it can be a difficult read at times. This is the book where the phrase “Big Brother Is Watching You” came from it’s about a socialistic society with totalitarian leadership. I personally believe that this is becoming increasingly more possible I enjoy this book and when I reread it I always try to make sure it’s in its original form. I don’t just recommend this book because of it status of classic but I think it’s a must read for everyone everywhere now it’s been published in 64 languages so there is no excuse for not reading it. This is your favorite reviewer Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin Colombia

One Response to “REVIEW NO 3”

  1. valerie said

    when I read that book so many years ago I thought now this can’t happen and I have to say this was not the first time I was wrong


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