March 21, 2014


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAToday I just want to say thank you for all the nice things people have said about yesterdays post. I really think like that if I didn’t I’d start to feel really old and would stop listening to all my young friends which in turn would mean I’d stop learning. I wrote yesterdays post not because I was feeling old but because I look around and see people complaining about getting old and I think they forget about all the wonders they’ve seen. Even babies can feel the wonder just look at their faces when they take that first step or for that matter the first fall. As we’re growing in age we literally don’t take the time to smell the Roses. We shouldn’t have to look at a bunch of photos to remember and appreciate what we have witnessed. People don’t look back because they’re afraid of the sadness that might be hiding there but it can’t hurt you if you remember its all part of the process. Well this concludes my sentimental trip to my memory it’s time to continue on and find something that will stimulate and get people yelling at me again. This is Flounder and Jeff saying CIAO from Colombia.

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