March 14, 2014

indexLet’s talk a little bit about engineers and how they affect our life shall we. I don’t really understand the different classes of engineer I do know we aren’t going to be talking about the gut driving the train although we will be talking about trains. For the second time in the last three months the metro system in Medellin is experiencing a shutdown of some of its stations do to the collapse of sections of river bank along which the Metro runs. Engineers are great at building things but they seldom take into consideration things that are outside their discipline in the case of the Metro it’s surprising that they would underestimate the power of water or the effects of vibration on old concrete, but that appears to be the case here. The other possibility is they never sought or listened to geologists that may have said the ground wasn’t as stable as they think. The more news I see the more I’m convinced that Colombia might be a very highly advanced technical country but they seem to not want or don’t a lot of geological expertise. From what I’ve seen they have built roads in slide zones discounted the effects of man on nature and based abound the building techniques I see are short sighted as to how something can last. The area in which we live can be subjected to extreme differences in weather on a daily bases you can wake up to rain in within an hour can have bright hot sun, this is one factor that contributes to the geology of the area the other of course is man. People are constantly causing brush fires which may not damage the trees but do damage to the vegetation that hold the dirt to the side of a mountain. In some cases the erosion is as violent as a mud slide but you watch as a tree here and there falls for apparently no reason or just slides down the side o f a hill. Engineers are not infallible anywhere in the world they have built bridges that have collapsed because the underestimated mother nature. I think all the discipline invoked in an area should have better communication like the guys that design engines for cars and the guys that design the body should talk to the guys that might have to repair or maintain them. Well my ADT is starting so this is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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