March 13, 2014

xThere’s a tragic story coming out of New York about the loss of life from what they’re saying is a fire resulting from a gas leak. But I’m just wondering is the gas leak story true or was it something else. Ever since 9/11 I wonder if the news isn’t censored in some way so new terror attacks won’t be called terrorist attacks. I know they called the Boston marathon bomb attack terrorism but they had little choice to many people saw it happen on live TV. Now that doesn’t mean that the incident in NY isn’t what they claim it to be. It wouldn’t be the first time major explosions weren’t caused by gas leaks, it’s just since 9/11 I’m a little skeptical about what the government and the news industry tell us. In the last few years we’ve seen TV and print new have become extremely bias in their support of politicians. I find it hard to believe that with 39 million lost or stolen passports floating around we haven’t let a few nut cases into the country. I guess the government doesn’t want the rest of the country to be paranoid we discover more domestic spying by them. Well this is Flounder, who is always looking over his shoulder, saying CIAO from Colombia.

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