March 11, 2014

Short-Attention-SpanOver the weekend a Malaysian plane with close to 240 people vanished it was a huge story and was everywhere. Now 5 days later it has become a second rate story and has been replaced by an interview with the father of a killer, a story about how much tax money the state of Colorado has made form pot sales, Elephants and there keen hearing for survival as well as other stories that would have been classified as human interest not really news in the old days. People have developed a very poor attention span now I don’t know if this is caused by information overload from the instant access we have to news, but it would appear that way. There’s nothing wrong with instants access to news it might even save your life, but what people don’t do is discuss the issue and try to form an opinion. They react to whatever information exists in the first few minutes of a story and unfortunately they are likely to say well that’s pretty far away and doesn’t concern me. Well if they had read the details they would of found out for instance that there are 39 million lost or stolen Passports floating around out there and that airlines and airport security don’t check for that. Which means a terrorist or drug dealer or some other criminal could be sitting in the seat next to you on a plane. These little side facts are only found when you get involved in reading the whole story not just the Twitter version. Well my attention is now being drawn to a nap so this is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin Colombia.

One Response to “PAY ATTENTION”

  1. valerie said

    the news of the plane has not stopped here it is constantly on the news programs up first in everyone.


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