March 7, 2014

hestartedit_1Let’s talk about taking responsibility something it appears no one like to do. Governments don’t want to take and individuals don’t either. Look at Venezuela’s president blaming everything that’s wrong in his country on America and its allies. What he should be doing is looking for ways to fix the problems and if still doesn’t want to talk to America that’s fine I don’t think they want to talk to him either. Now here’s an example of an individual; in New Jersey an 18 year old girl is suing her parents for living and educational expenses. You have to know that when she turned 18(which make you an adult in the US) she left home because she didn’t like the rules of the house. Now if you stay at a hotel there are rules you must follow but apparently she felt she since she was 18 she didn’t have to listen anymore and left and now she wants her parents to support her. In both these cases it seems people think it’s easier to pass the buck that to try and resolve the problem. In the case of a country when people get frustrated they just start protest and you know when you put thousands of people together your just asking for trouble. Like in the Ukraine where they ended up having Russian military move in, now some of this can be blamed on unresponsive governments who don’t like to be disagreed with. In the New Jersey case if they were to side with the young lady I’m not sure people would want to have kids. Hey what happened to I Fucked up sorry it was my fault let’s talk this out. Well this is Flounder and I’m taking the rest of today and the weekend off talk to you Monday and this post was all Jeff’s idea CIAO for Medellin. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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