March 3, 2014

UKRAINE_44762741-621x414Here we go Russia is invading to Crimea and the rest of the world is upset and telling them to stop. Yeah that’ll work if it does it will be a first for them. When Russia gets mad a t the US and says don’t do that we do it anyway do you expect them to stop. Putin and some of the top people in that country want to see the Soviet Union make a comeback. This world is so screwed up everybody want s power Religions want to tell you what’s right political parties want to tell you what’s right the guy next door wants to tell you what’s right. The problem is you can’t just pull your head into your shell and ignore all this shit because the world has reached a point where we need each other if we’re going to survive. But of course if you try to tell people this you’re labeled crazy. I have no idea what’s going to happen in the Crimea but it looks like the old bullies are trying to make a comeback. I just hope they lost all the launch codes for the big stuff. This is Flounder Saying CIAO from peaceful Medellin

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