February 14, 2014

AnythingPassThis is one of those posts where we get to write about anything or everything. First up age Jeff is 68 and I’m around 14 (about 70 in human years) and according to statists we have reached the average life span for our particular species. So from this point on everyday is a bonus but when you look around a lot has changed. Manner’s what is deemed polite and correct is nowhere near what Jeff and I grew up with. Language is another thing that has changed making understanding people in your own country difficult at times. Colombian politics is next President Santos seems poised for reelection now for us it actually is important because we believe he will cause the cost of living to rise which means we will have less to spend but unlike Colombians who can demand more pay or change jobs we can’t, we only have the Social Security check to live on. Have you seen the weather in the North East lots of snow on the ground? This winter is very similar to the one right before we moved down here and ws one of many reasons for the move. Well this is Friday the Olympics will be big on TV and about as boring as anything else on. I really don’t want to write anymore so this is Flounder saying CIAO from Colombia. PS: HAPPY VALENTINES DAY EVERYONE.

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