February 12, 2014

truth_000 Here’ something we expect but seldom get from our governments TRUTH. Politicians lie to us to their priests to everybody and then when they’re caught they just lie some more. If you’re a journalist or investigator trying to get to the truth you risk being attacked as yellow journalist or a individual seeking fame at the expense of others. Now that’s in the US in some countries being a comedian and making fun of there lying can get you shot. What makes politicians think we’re too stupid to know when they’re lying? We’re not it’s just they lie so much we don’t care anymore we’ve become anaesthetized to there lies. Remember Jack Nicholson saying “Truth you want the Truth you can’t handle the Truth”. Jeff has actually met politicians who believe that to be the truth. When the next economic crash takes place I don’t think there lies are going to be good enough to stop the people from taking drastic measures. Like most of the people who hate us they will tear down the government in the hope that something better will arise. Unfortunately I believe that will just result in more liars and more people willing to believe them. This is Flounder saying Ciao from Medellin Colombia

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