February 7, 2014

tugwar Well today’s, topic should piss off everybody which of means I’ll be happy. Jeff and I have recently seen articles about Creationism vs Evolution now in this post we’re not really going to take sides if we can help and we intend to include some other debates as well. First let’s explain the two terms; Creationism is the belief that the world is only 6000 years old because that’s what the Bible says. It is faith based meaning there is no scientific proof. Evolution or Darwinism as it is sometimes call is based on discoveries of bones which are I believe the say 60,000 years old and there is thousand of such scientific knowledge out there. Now evolution doesn’t say god doesn’t exist it says that the Bible is wrong in when the world began and it is wrong that man suddenly appeared in his present form when God created him. It simply says that if God created life maybe he let it develop on its own. Creationism says god did it all evolution is a lie thought up by the Devil or somebody and that if you have faith you can’t believe in Evolution and it should even be taught in school. In other words like other dictators the Christine faith doesn’t want you to be exposed to any other belief. Now I think and remember I’m just a cat that the truth might just be a combination of the two beliefs. Now as for the other great debate going on I’ve written about it before and that’s global warming. Now the funny thing is that the people that don’t think it’s happening are people who either don’t believe in fact or have a lot to lose if changes are made to how we get and use our energy. Well that should getting going for now I might post tomorrow because I missed yesterday Hari wasn’t feeling well so he spent the whole day with us and I got nothing done. But now it’s nap time so this is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin.

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