February 3, 2014

keep-calm-and-game-over-manThe Super Bowl is over and as has happened to many times the game was not competitive. Jeff’s brother would have said there is no way two teams at his level should have one so much better than the other. What’s that you say the game was fixed? No I’m not saying that there wasn’t a huge difference to the betting line that would make that a feasible thought. It was more of one team being really unprepared and then falling apart after the first play. One of the things to come out of this game is that if the NFL wants to keep being the No1 sport in the country they’re going to have to do something to make this, there showcase game, more competitive. I don’t know about a lot of other people but after the second half opening kickoff was run back for a touchdown Jeff stopped watching and I don’t blame him. Being from the New York area and not having a favorite team in the game he was hoping for a really great entertaining game and was he ever disappointed. I don’t think rule changes are the answer and I’m not sure you can do anything really. There is so much hype about this game but it all comes back to the original winning coaches philosophy don’t try and be tricky just concentrate on the fundamentals and everything will come our right. In football today coaches try to make the offense complicated while the defense just does what it does. There wasn’t anything fancy about Seattle’s defense they just beat Denver up. Jeff remembers watching Dan Marino and his great offense when they played the 49ers and Marino had these great receivers and runners and they were going to destroy the 49ers. Well the receivers of Miami had never been hit by the likes of Jack Tatum. After they had absorbed a couple of hits on the sideline whenever Tatum came near they ran out of bounds. Now the Denver receivers didn’t do that but one about Payton and most other quarterbacks is they don’t respond to defensive pressure well. Payton just want to go back and throw the ball he’s not good on the move. Well that’s enough about the game I was bored when Jeff and I were watching it and I’m bore now writing about it this is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin.

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