January 29, 2014

Sexy-Bikini-Swimsuit-Lady-Swimwear-Women-BIKINI-Beachwear-Top-quality-Swimwear-SWIMWEAR-100-satisfaction-FREE-ShippingThe picture above has nothing to do with the post today I just wanted to get your attention. Now for today’s post we’re going to talk about fact versus fiction. Jeff has just read an article which states that the famous lawman Elliot Ness might not have been all he is calmed to be. Now Jeff feels that a lot of lawmen back in the day up to maybe the sixties were given more credit than they were due. Let’s look at Ness he was going after the Chicago Mob which include Al Capone as the most famous. During this time the crooks were being portrayed almost in a Robin Hood manner they were the heroes battling the government’s unfair laws especially prohibition as well as some unpopular tax laws. Some like John Dillinger would give a little to the poor in the country side to help encourage the myth that they were really nice guys fighting the unfair bankers and insurance people. I have no delusions about legendary law officers such as Bat Masterson, Wild Bill Hickok, Ness, the Pinkertons, or Melvin Purvis. I think to some degree they were just as bad as the people they chased. So what you choose to believe as fact or fiction is entirely up to you and as always this is food for thought and discussion. This is Founder saying CIAO from Medellin Colombia.

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