January 23, 2014

miscellaneous_coverWe don’t really have a topic for today so we’re just going to ramble on for awhile. First up Justin Bieber got arrested for drag racing and being drunk he another one of those stars that get rich young and thinks he can do anything without worrying about the consequences. After all OJ Simpson got away with murder. Then a Vatican bank official already in trouble gets busted for money laundering. People with money seem to think there not like the rest of us. Some Japanese pitcher got a contract from the NY Yankees for 155 million dollars to throw pitch, which is like playing catch when we were young. He gets that and they want to cut teachers’ salaries some where it all went wrong and we lost our perspective or if you like conspiracies you can read Orwell’s 1984 or watch Roller Ball to see how they use our love of sport to divert attention from the real world. You I’m about 71 years old in human years and Jeff is 68 and we never fail to get surprised by the stupidity of people, buts that’s a topic for another day. The northern US is freezing so the anti global warming people are out again, but they should look at last year which was the warmest in modern history for the planet. Jeff is almost finished with his next book he would have been done already but he’s addicted to playing solitaire on the computer and posting stupid pics on Facebook. Well I’m done, didn’t have much to begin with, this is Flounder saying CIAO from Colombia

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