January 17, 2014

Friday-2Well yesterday was Jeff’s birthday and the fat boy went out and OD on chocolate ice cream, and he wants to know why I call him fats. He got birthday wishes from all his friends and relatives and that was cool. He went for the ice cream with Hader, John, Vanessa, and Ruby with of course Hari. Hari was very upset there was no cake he said Birthdays are supposed to be ice cream and cake not just ice cream. Hari starts preschool on Monday and we feel sorry for John and Vanessa because waking Hari up at 10 o’clock and getting him to take a shower is like trying to reanimate the dead. For preschool he has to be there Monday and Tuesday at 8:00 I think and Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 7:15. Hopefully he’ll like school then it will be easier to get him up. Fats hated school because he was one bored and 2 bullied because at ten years old he was over 6foot 2 and 200 lbs only the muscle hadn’t caught up with the fat yet. The week end is coming Jeff plans on lying low and that’s my normal routine hopefully they’ll but the football games on down here otherwise I’ll have to deal with an unhappy Jeff. Time to go this is Flounder saying CIAO from Colombia.

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